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The Independent Faith Church Form of Worship


The Independent Faith Church worships God in the sense that God is in all of us as well as all that is. As we are an integral part of all that is at an energetic or quantum level, everything is a manifestation of God.

Our worship is through reverence for all things, acceptance of all events and focus on the moment to maximize our creative abilities.

Our congregations meet weekly.

The meeting format and duration is determined by the local Minister as well as the weekly message.

Independent Faith Church protocol requires affiliate congregations to include as part of the weekly meeting some form of discourse/instruction or discussion about one or more of the 6 Founding Principles.

The Independent Faith Church as well as Barbequianism have no set rituals for prayer, worship or enlightenment related to the church or its doctrine. The reason is that part of the doctrine is that “truth” is far too relative and dynamic for there to be a one-size fits-all approach to spiritual living and growth. However, we do embrace any and all rituals we may identify with individually to assist in the focus of intent (faith) in the spiritual evolution process. This makes our congregational meetings very dynamic and diverse while still adhering to the fundamental philosophy of the religion.